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Software & Graphics Systems

  Recognizing your individual requirements, each of ESAC’s software and graphics systems are unique to the client. Our technical designs are industry-leading, incorporating state-of-the-art technology into proven system architecture. Through site visits and meetings to better understand your needs, ESAC will develop a system conceptual design proposal. ESAC will carry-out site implementation, documentation and training. A proven track record and strong industry partners ensure you will have long-term support and forward-thinking software and graphics control systems.

North American Electric Reliability Corporation
The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), a nonprofit to promote the reliability and adequacy of bulk power transmission in the electric utility systems of North America. NERC's mission states that it is to "ensure the reliability of the North American bulk power system."
  Our Expertise:

   • NERC Compliance
   • SCADA Virtualization, HMI screens, databases &
     system manuals, Remote Operations & Paging/Email
     Software Solutions

   • Software for user interfaces (such as iPad, iPhone,
     Blackberry, etc.)
   • Communications, Historian & Web Interfaces
   • Integrated Hardware and Software Solutions for IESO

   • Historian and data collection for improving asset
  NERC oversees eight regional reliability entities and encompasses all of the interconnected power systems of the contiguous Canada and the United States.

The NERC standards have been mandated and are enforceable across Canada and the United States. Compliance with NERC is overseen regionally and varies from province to province. With assistance from system operators in each region, the standards are evolving.
One-stop shop for NERC compliance
ESAC offers a comprehensive program for NERC compliance for electric utilities. Our NERC compliance team can build out a roadmap and processes to evaluate your current state and provide the Information or Systems Security solutions necessary to ensure that your organization compliant with the mandated and enforceable NERC program. ESAC is your experienced partner for NERC compliance.

SCADA virtualization and its benefits
As automation solutions become increasingly complex, it follows that the effort required maintaining both hardware and software will also increase.

To reduce the amount of ongoing administration and maintenance effort associated with update issues, the automation world is turning increasingly to virtualization and the opportunity it provides to decouple applications from hardware.

This creates the ability to centrally manage the application and simplify back up and restoration of the system environment. Client environments can be installed just once and distributed among one or two virtualization servers using virtual sessions (instances). It is also easier to implement IT security solutions on central virtualization servers than via numerous client stations. Virtualization also eliminates the restriction of target devices to a particular hardware, allowing more complex applications to run on simple, low-cost, and robust thin clients. Our software team is experienced with the latest virtualization technologies and their application to SCADA and data acquisition systems.

Read more about our work on Erie Shores Wind Farm.

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