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renfrew power generation
Located on the Bonnechere River, Thomas Low Generating Station (TLGS) will have an overall capacity of 4MW. As an EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) provider, ESAC is responsible for the overall electrical as a design-build contractor with electrical subcontractor design/develop RFP and manage. Studies are provided to ensure a system with units protection and ESA requirements. Project management involves scheduling with suppliers and subcontractors, quality assurance, site specific environmental with health and safety programs. The project spans from initial Form-B submission to design and budgeting for owner’s business planning. As a result, Renfrew Power Generation will be contributing to Ontario’s power production in a safe and efficient manner for years to come.

Approach and Methodology
Original plants 1 and 2 where upgraded (including the switchgear, exciters, integrated protection and control) in the early 1990s that are unmanned operated. TLGS integrated system products/solution will be used for the upgrade of existing plants. Capitalizing on current technology for protection, synchronizing and unit controls, TLGS will optimize production capabilities for available water and ensure connection authority grid compliance. SCADA remote smart-phone alarming and user interfacing provides 7/24 operation’s coverage. Production performance as well as historian trending and reporting, quickly identify issues in optimizing equipment operation.

Key Challenges
Orchestrating and ensuring design adherence to ESA and unit supplier requirements with electrical subcontractor RFP details for required deliverables and project scheduling. Existing plants, having much older units operating similarly to the new TLGS, are given cost effective upgrades for an overall integrated system. The power house electrical is addressing building designer and units ventilation for proper ambient operating conditions. The turbine and unit supplier specifications and civil consultant geographic are used to define MW productions efficiency profile. Multiple parties including electrical install and civil, mechanical, unit works requires a keen focus on project coordination scheduling.

Ongoing Support
ESAC has provided technical support and services since the existing plants' upgrade for approximately 20 years. From Y2K software/hardware upgrade to remote alarm paging and operations access with training of changing staff. ESAC will continue to provide support and maintenance for technical interfacing with supply authority including trip/event analysis, system performance and required maintenance testing.

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