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Power Systems

  ESAC provides experienced personnel to fabricate and implement electrical protection, control and metering solutions including E-Houses and switchgear upgrades for utility/generation applications. Conducting site visits, system field research, and analysis studies, ESAC will find opportunities to develop your system’s full potential. Your company can expect a detailed technical design as well as a report on the testing results, design modifications, and newly installed products for your system. ESAC stands by our designs and will provide ongoing support for system upgrades as well as training and support programs.

    Our Expertise:
   • Load flow, short circuit, protection
     coordination, arc flash & grounding

   • Protection models with system
     upgrade retrofits

     detailed drawings

   • E-Houses, Protection & Integration

  Read more about our work with Renfrew Power Generation.
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   Phone: (519) 686 - 6722
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