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As an EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) provider, ESAC designs and develops the RFP and manage electrical subcontractor. System studies are provided to ensure wireless transfer trip, system losses, protection and ESA requirements are met. Project management involves schedules with suppliers and subcontractors, quality assurance, site specific environmental with health and safety programs. The project spans from initial Form-B submission to design and budgeting for owner’s business planning.

Approach and Methodology
Project design addresses connection authority standards for minimal cost of a reliable “unmanned” system. Civil easements exist for power and communications underground cabling adherence. Primary electrical equipment and installation details follow technical specifications. Shop fabricated protection and integration panels with E-House installation are fully tested prior to site shipping. Testing and commissioning procedures are extended from shop testing to include 3rd party primary equipment testing.

Key Challenges
The design is such that RFP details are rigid enough for required deliverables and aggressive project scheduling. WTG requirements of primary equipment and communications with impact of system short circuit. This project involves the coordination of civil, mechanical, WTG project groups, electrical scope as well as suppliers and subcontractors management.

Ongoing Support
ESAC will enter into a multi-year technical support and maintenance support plan upon project completion. The program will involve technical interfacing with supply authority including trip/event analysis, system performance and required maintenance testing.

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