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ontario power generation Projects
North East Control Centre (NECC)   Otter Rapids

Ontario Power Generation's Northeast Plant Group operates 13 hydroelectric generating stations on four rivers: the Abitibi, Matabitchuan, Mattagami, and Montreal rivers. ESAC provided and supports the Central SCADA for monitoring and operations.


ESAC has completed numerous in-service transmission connected generating stations integrated protection and control upgrades. Otter Rapids solution is the identical design/implementation template as other sites completed for both operations and technical staff consistency.

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Lower Notch   Ongoing Support

ESAC provided a power line carrier with transfer trip system upgrade as a three-terminal solution (generating station transmission line connection with ability to supply in either direction). Delivered system is compliant with current equipment and design standards and documented with support staff trained.

ESAC works with the various plant group P&C (Protection & Control) staff and central control under an annual technical support and maintenance program. This involves supporting technical staff in problems/issues troubleshooting, software/hardware migration, communications/cyber security and various system additions/changes on an as need basis.

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