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Ontario Power Generation's Northeast Plant Group operates 13 hydroelectric generating stations on four rivers: the Abitibi, Matabitchuan, Mattagami, and Montreal rivers.

Central SCADA

The provided ESAC Central SCADA features include remote monitoring and operations of hydroelectric generating stations, virtualized SCADA, remote support, alarming, SQL based historian, DNP3 driver and SCADA workstations with multiple monitor support all within a NERC compliant environment. The heart of the system is based on Stratus Fault-Tolerance & High-Availability solutions to maximize uptime and prevent downtime.

NERC Security services; ESAC together with the OPG information technology team implemented a wide range cyber-security solutions and procedures for NERC requirements, including firewall, intrusion monitoring and prevention, secured communications, system architecture and application code evaluation. The procedures and computer security solutions not only meet compliance requirements for governance and audit, but will also support the integrity and reliability of the overall North American bulk power system.

Ongoing Support
ESAC continually supports NECC as generating stations are updated and NERC assesses seasonal and long‐term reliability and modifies/adds standards.

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