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grand valley wind farms
Grand Valley Wind Farm has an installed capacity of 19.8 MW from 9 Siemens turbines. ESAC provided the project main integrated protection and control system. Having been operational as of April 2012, ESAC is now providing ongoing support through remote access interrogating logs for analysis with site service as required.

Approach and Methodology
Acknowledging the growing capacity from renewable energy, grid integration of wind farms is a popular research area in the power systems industry. The operators of Grand Valley Wind Farm are provided with accurate, well-documented data from ESAC’s central SCADA addition integrating both protection and WTGs to then analyze the system’s grid interface and WTGs performance.

Key Challenges
A common main application of central with WTGs SCADA and HONI interface is shared by two separate projects. The main substation is 6km from the POC/PCC therefore requiring RTU complex PF/VAR management interface for WTGs SCADA operation. Accurate protective device implementation and Arc Flash conditions were confirmed by defining the WTG short circuit model contribution. Additional challenges were overcome by capitalizing on standard designs, supporting flexibility for improved quality assurance, reducing costs and accommodating changes encountered.

Ongoing Support
ESAC offer protection and system operations logs remote connection for technical review and support. Additionally supporting local operations and corporate engineering groups to improve WTGs performance as well as defining maintenance and system addition programs and budgets for operations budget planning.

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