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Erie Shores wind farm
Erie Shores Wind Farm (parent company Capstone Infrastructure Corporation) is a 99-megawatt (MW) power generating facility located on the north shore of Lake Erie. The project comprises of 66 GE 1.5 MW Wind Turbines. The power is stepped up to 115 kV and transmitted via a new 30 kilometre 115 kV transmission line to a new Tillsonburg Junction, which is then connected to the existing Hydro One 115 kV circuit to feed into the Ontario electricity market administered by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO). ESAC has provided the Central SCADA system Erie Shores Wind Farm and continues to support their needs.
Central SCADA
ESAC provided Central SCADA features include remote monitoring and operations of the two (2) stations (Tillsonburg and Port Burwell), virtualized SCADA, secured remote operations via web pages or VPN connections, remote support, alarming and remote paging, historian, DNP3 driver and IESO interfacing.

IESO Weather Data Interfacing
ESAC successfully implemented the transfer of “GE SCADA Turbine and MET Weather Data” to IESO via the Central SCADA; implementing real-time database connections to the “GE Wind Farm Management System” and D20 RTU communications. Site wind speed, wind direction, temperature and pressure from multiple Wind Turbines and MET towers are transmitted via the local D20 RTU direct to IESO.

IESO Message Exchange Dispatches
The Message Exchange function is used by the IESO to send dispatch instructions to the Market Participants. ESAC assisted ESWF as an IESO Market Participant and was successful in connecting to the IESO Sandbox URL through the Public Static IP address, utilizing the API and the GUI interface. ESAC is currently working with ESWF to access the IESO Real Time Energy Market bid site via the Application Programming Interface (API). ESAC registered the IP address of the workstations where the API is being used to interface with IESO via the IESO firewall. ESAC has designed and programmed the API to automatically qualify all dispatches and “Accept” or “Reject” based on programmed constraints and automatically adjust the stations performance, notify station operations and historically archive all messages and operations.

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