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ESAC offers design-build systems to provide integrated protection, control, and metering. The system is tailored to your project and is developed by criteria specified through meetings, site visits, etc. Detailed drawings and system studies lead to a solid understanding of your system and ensure that a tailored system is built for your needs. ESAC will collaborate with all parties involved to install and test the final product and then train your staff to operate and troubleshoot the product. Actively involved in the electrical power generation and utility industries, you can be assured ESAC’s proposal is industry-leading and the final product will have long-term support.

  Our expertise:
  • Power systems integration
  • EWD, CWD & Communications
    detailed drawings

  • Pathloss studies, IED, RTU & PLC
  • Complex algorithms & automation
    models in system retrofits

Read more about our project on Silvercreek Solar Park.

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   London, ON
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   Phone: (519) 686 - 6722
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