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brockville mental health centre
An original “non-functional” system existed and ESAC’s solution utilized existing field wiring to minimize costing. This facility has numerous outbuildings each with essential and non-essential loads. Emergency generator loading supplies essential loads and adds or subtracts non-essential loads based on available capacity. A reliable system operation is a must for residents and staff care and therefore strategically prioritizing needs is essential.

Approach and Methodology
The EPLU is located in the main power house and is supplied from the switchgear DC battery bank. This monitors the emergency generator loading and interfaces with 4.16kV breakers transfer scheme. The out buildings non-essential loads are solid state controlled and trip on loss of normal power immediately to ensure no emergency supply overloading. Pending current emergency power loading, non-essential loads are added or subtracted based on designated priorities.

Key Challenges
Encountered challenges include defining the existing system prior to EPLU design and determining non-essential panels main breaker controls rework. Further, the design required the incorporation of available field wiring to outbuildings. EPLU has to prepare the electrical distribution system for transfer to emergency power ensuring no overload trip condition.

Ongoing Support
Originally completed in early 1990s, the system has had outbuildings removed as well as new additions. ESAC has worked with the owner’s electrical consultant, specifying system requirements of new switchgear and field wiring. In each of these projects, ESAC provided existing system removals and additions and commissioned with site staff and awarded electrical contractor.

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